About the project

Nepasimauk.lt is a project of the Civic Resilience Initiative (CRI) aimed at strengthening media literacy and disinformation resilience skills in the Baltic States.
  1. Computer game “Disinformation Hunt”
    A free game developed by CRI and Three Cubes, based on innovative and engaging learning, to help students develop critical thinking and resistance to misinformation.
  2. The Baltic Disinformation Monitoring Platform.
    The aim of this activity is to systematically combat the harmful use of social networks, media and other communication channels to spread falsehoods in the Baltic region, by analysing the campaigns with the greatest reach. Disinformation is monitored in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, focusing on pro-Russian channels but not limited to them.
  3. Resilience Guide.
    A collection of practical tips and tools for identifying disinformation based on open sources of information. This publication will not only help you to identify falsehoods, but also to prevent them from spreading.

Nepasimauk.lt is developed with support from Google