Instructions for starting the game:

1) Click and download the game launcher .exe document
2) Open this document on your computer
3) If there are updates, wait for them to be saved.
4) Play.

Attention. The game is not compatible with Apple OS devices and tablets.

Download the Game
Become a Game Ambassador

We invite teachers to become ambassadors of the game by taking part in a free course (and receiving a certificate of completion), delivering their own gamified lessons, and receiving fun giveaways worth up to €150 from CRI.

Become an Ambasador
Evaluation of the progress

The progress of each player in the game is not measured through the traditional prism of right or wrong answers, but rather by their ability to analyze and interpret information about suspicious behaviors on the internet. This means that the game simulates real-life situations where it is not always clear whether the chosen path is correct or incorrect. One of the primary objectives of the game is to encourage players to recognize and critically evaluate suspicious behaviors on the internet, rather than simply rushing through tasks to collect the maximum number of points. The game allows room for mistakes to encourage players to learn from their decisions and understand that real life often lacks clear-cut situations. This adds life-skill value to the game and helps players understand the importance of careful and critical evaluation of information. The analysis of player results is a crucial element of the game, as it forms the basis of the debate stage. During this stage, each player receives feedback from other players, which serves as an important learning tool to improve their skills in recognizing and reacting to various scenarios on the internet.